How To Increase Your Profits By Reducing Your Waste

How To Increase Your Profits By Reducing Your Waste

Imagine selling anything you imported or made at 79% full price, how less you would actually waste. Revolve Clothing did. They are a very data-driven business and they are speaking to a high spending demographic; 18-30’s. They are smart about their Fashion.  Why only look at recycle, when you can reduce. So how did they do […]

Why Data Matters In 2022

rumble media why data matters in 2022

Benefits; when you know where, when and what moves your clients further down the Aware, Engaged and Convert funnel you know what to scale and what to do less of and over time the compounding of those decisions will put your business out in front of your peers.   1.a data is always going to be […]

What is Measurement Marketing?

The main purpose of measurement marketing is to understand the conversation your prospects are trying to have with your business. If you know where they are in their understanding you can figure out where the conversation goes quiet or they lose interest. Once you understand their level of interest, you’re able to make changes to […]