Government Grants For Small Business Digital Marketing Strategies

The Queensland Government has just announced a Small Business COVid Adaption Grant Program for up to $10k that you can use to re-train your team or relaunch with a smart marketing campaign to help you take advantage of the insanely good returns in both Facebook and Google Ads atm.
Now they don’t know about the lower Cost Per Click in both platforms at the moment, they just know it, Digital Marketing, works.
This is the ONLY government that has been offering for the past 3/4 years a Small Business Digital Marketing Grant. That is another grant which is a co-contribution grant and isn’t open till mid July, 2020. We have a link for both grants down below.

As we have successfully applied for and won Small Business Digital Marketing Grant before, we thought we would give you a bit of a ‘how-to’. The process is a lot easier than you think but you need to make sure you have a clear plan of how you are going to use both grants & show how it will change you & your team for the better.

A Google Doc is at the bottom of this blog with our suggested wording on what to submit on the grant for the strategy we outline below, we are happy to help you write your Statement of business outcomes from running a strategic Marketing Campaign.

What Do They Want To Hear?

With any government funding, they want to know that it will make a positive change to the outcomes of your business, whether you are applying for the COVid grant, which is a first in best dressed grant so time is of the essence on that one.


For the Small Digital Marketing Grant, they still want to know how will their contribution; $10k for COVid or co-contribution up to $10k, to your marketing budget, will help you create a sustainable marketing framework so it will build alongside your business over time.

So what does a $10k|$20k Digital Marketing budget look like?


First we check your tracking is set up right and fix it if isn’t, so you have smarter information about your campaigns or content budget moving forward shows you if it is working or not.


Here you can either go deep into Data or add some Google Ads to your business. If you have Ads in place, then go deep on the data for some of the budget and spend the rest with your existing Ads team.


Need Google Ads? Based on your business we will review what’s the best way Ads Strategy to help your business stand out. The maintenance period we recommend will help optimise the Ads through Data.


Going all in on Data? We will do a full audit of existing Analytics and funnel tracking. We build your Analytics so you have the numbers you need when it comes to making key decisions around Content and Ad marketing. .


Maintenance. For the $20k budget we offer 3 months of Google Ads Management and Google reports. For the $10k budget it will just be the Data optimisation. Both will help you identify opportunities in both landing pages and campaign improvement.
Then by the end of this your ROI should be positive and then you can continue to grow.

$10k will cover 3-4 months of Google Ads build (3 Campaigns) and optimisation and a basic Google Data Studio report.
This grant is open NOW.

$20k will cover 6 months of Google Ads builds (5 Campaigns) and optimisation and an Advanced Google Data Studio report.
This grant is open for applications from mid 2020.


Some Details About How To Apply For The Grant ^ Link Above

Grants have the power to give you business the edge it needs and now more than ever you are going to get more bang from a really smart marketing campaign. This is the time where people can really make it in their business. Being bold, brave and reading the room and responding to it will help business gain some much needed market share at this time.

Key Points To Cover In Your Grant Application.

What Is Your Strategy?

What are the challenges or frictions that this will help you with. Imagine having better data at your finger tips so you know exactly where on the page or in the customer checkout or conversion journey you lose people. If you can identify the page, report on that page, find what people aren't seeing and put that quality content in the right position you can increase conversions.

What Are The Expected Results?

With a better tracking and reporting system you will know in finer detail who your great clicks are and what they want and what converts them. What resonates in your marketing and what sinks.

When you have the top of your funnel, marketing, clean then converting faster and better leads is only a matter of time and budget.

Will It Create Jobs?

This is kind of a big deal for them, if anything I would put 1 in this question. They want to know that $10k or less here, will help keep 1 person off Centrelink. In fact in return on investment this is a sweet deal for the Queensland Government and for you as a small business owner.

Here Is How We Would Write It.

Now this is based on the strategy above, this is our ideal way to start a great Marketing Campaign for any business.
Then over the course of 3 months you will see an increase in conversion rate and return on Ad spend.
So saying your business will grow is all down to how fast you adapt and refine your content, we will cover the Ad side and give you the insights to improve your content so you can do your best work.

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