need Big Commerce GA4 and GA3 EEcommerce tracking script.

what is included in this bundle.
so that you can get tracking in under 2hrs

BC Listener Script

Listener, Product View and Checkout Scripts

This gives you all you need to build the full Ecommerce funnel to be able to use the GDS template that comes with this script

BC EE Commerce GDS Report

GDS - Google Data Studio Template

We have been working on refining this template for 18months with 8 figure businesses and now you get to use it too.

BC EE Commerce Container

GTM Container

A simple import into your existing Container so that you have all the Events, Triggers and Variables and Custom GA4 Template all in there and ready to go.

Why Big Commerce?

As an Agency, rumble media is niching into the performance of Big Commerce in capturing market share with the brands we are building on this platform and testing their performance from ROAS to online behaviour measurement.

There are 3 platforms that Google Smart Shopping is being optimised for and we have decided we are going to do some further Case Studies with Big Commerce and how our ethclients are performing on it.

So far we are seeing super positive results in Big Commerce and the Ai features available in that platform.

DIY Big Commerce Bundle

Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting
$ 497 aud
  • Listener, Product View and Conversion Events Scripts
  • Enhanced Ecommerce Steps In GTM and GDS templates
  • Data Studio Enhanced Ecommerce Reports

Big Commerce Script Bundle

Our current versions of the BC scripts we use on Clients sites.
  • The scripts, JSon file for the GTM container and link to our GDS board for Ecomm will all be in your inbox and on the TY page post payment.
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