If You Need To Get Your Business Online Super Fast, This Would Be My Checklist

A Good Software Stack

The key thing that influences black boxes in your tracking and therefore numbers is having a stack; WordPress, Active Campaign, Convert Box or Gravity Forms, that don’t speak to each other or are hard to track.   This list is easy to track and not exhaustive but you need to make sure that your forms. your quiz software and your email|crm offer easy ways to track and segment.  Active Campaign is our darling email and CRM platform, it’s so easy to set up and track.  In a few days you will be sending beautiful emails and building your list. 
Remember anything white label like Duda may be easy to set up but there is always some limitation that you will encounter as your business grows online.  Duda doesn’t have cAPI tracking which means Facebook Ads would not be possible on that platform because you can’t track therefore you can’t optimise = wasted budgets.


Your main goal with your software stack is to create automation and to ensure a sense of personalisation throughout. Automation should be mainly focused on those beginner conversations to help you filter out tyre kickers and get more qualified leads when it is time to jump in and ‘Hi {first name} so glad you’re here, how can I help you’.

The bigger the Automation, the longer it takes to build.

So keep it simple to start but like anything good, it builds to great over time.

Start with Welcome and Thank You Emails & Lead magnets|offers|forms.

Then over time > CRM > Invoicing and onboarding tasks list. with software

Does your email marketing offer a detailed enough CRM for you?

Why Automation?

Because with automation you save money by taking away the basic Admin work of conversations calls or messages, when you save money you can afford to hire Star People. Star people or A players will make you money and save you time because they will think outside the box to help you find solutions and new markets and love what they do because it’s their jam. And they are professional.  Don’t skip this, it’s a long play strategy and your life and online business will be a lot easier to scale with a team of A Player project or gig workers.

My Checklist

Hire Someone To Build For You

No matter your Website platform having someone as a gig worker be your Dev person can save you money in the long run. get them to build your site and then provide you with Looms or tutorials on how to edit it inhouse when you need to make minor changes.

WP, Big Commerce or Shopify

Shopify is simple to set up as an ecommerce store but the expenses add up with every feature you add. Their tracking can be a bit funky too. WordPress is a solid platform to get you started. Elementors' drag and drop templates are super easy and fast to set up. Google Ads ai is favouring Shopify, Magento and Big Commerce over WordPress so keep that in mind if you have a winning Ecommerce store.

Build Content = Organic Traffic

Review your products, teach people about the end result your business provides, look at your data and see what people are reading on your site and which social media site is giving you the best leads. Go to groups and listen to the frictions people have there and write content.

Hosting Company

This part will be worth the investment to go with a good one. Blue Host or SiteGround provide some dev support 24/7 so worth the extra expense. There are others but always ask yourself key questions based on your teams abilities to find the right service for you. It's important though that they have 24/7 support & developers on their support team. Ask those questions as you explore options.

Smart Google Ads

This is where your Analytics comes in SUPER handy. Knowing whether FaceBook or Google is where your people are. A low budget Brand and Retargeting Ad can help build your email list with quality leads as you blog or create videos to build up brand awareness and online conversations.

Analytics Account

Set up your Analytics Account and get your basic data populating. A basic Google Tag Manager set up will give you quality data. If you are starting out then use basic GA set up and embed your code on your site. You can scale with that data. If you have traffic, get better data with GTM.

Learn UTMs

You know (direct/none) in your Source Medium report in Analytics, you can reduce that blindspot by using UTM's. It takes practice but the rewards are worth it in the long run.

Find Your Social Platform

Be it Instagram, YouTube or Facebook find where you get converting traffic and hustle over there. Find someone who is good at that platform and identify if they have some free training, find your person in your team and get them to learn it and Canva too.


Hosting - Choose Wisely

Blue Host I don’t have experience with but people rave about. I have been with Siteground for 5 years. They offer basic and some advance tech support in your hosting package. A good host will keep your Dev (developer) costs down.


Make Sure Your Software Stack Speaks to Each Other

WordPress > Active Campaign > Stripe.   They all integrate nicely with each other through APi linking.  No 3rd party connections, like Zapier, required.  Always look for natural integrations, less headaches over the long play, cause if there is a problem with non-native integrations, meaning you need to use Zapier, your data will be more off line while your business is online. That’s especially important with data and leads and sales.
The more complicated the stack, the more costly to track.  remember that.  How you start is very important.


Learn How To Edit Your Site Yourself

Make sure someone on your team or yourself learns how to do the blogs and make changes to key pages if you need to.
A drag and drop build = lower costs for Landing Pages when you do new campaigns.  Get into a business group that offers coaching and support if you are a soloprenuer or if you are a small business with a small get a good dev who will give you a Loom on how to make the minor edits without messing things up.

Mini Audit

1 Hour Audit
$ 175
per hour
  • We will go through your brief to identify the key outcome you are trying to achieve and let you know if we can fix it in an hour, if we need more time we will give you a quote before we proceed.

Maxi Audit

Google Ads, GA4 and Analytics
$ 950
per container
  • Need something set up from scratch in your Tag Manager account, no problem. Need to undo someone else's attempt to deliver your task, we can do that too. It sometimes takes longer fixing other peoples attempt at GTM, but in most cases we can fix it in this budget.

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