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The real trick to conversion rate optimisation is to use a segmentation tool like Convert Box.

convert box benefits and features
Benefits; audience segmentation at the top of funnel is always going to cost you less money over time in your business. It can help you be more effective with your online conversation to nudge people further down the funnel in a personalised way.


cleaner top of funnel


Custom fields

Segmenting = Personalisation

Convert box is an Optin and Survey tool that does two things really well.  Helps you segment your offer to the right people at the right time through surveys and adds another level of personalisation through being able to show and not show offers based on the pages and engagement behaviour of your visitors. 

Why does this matter?  Coming up with a new offer every 6 months takes a lot of work, with segmentation and data you can make your offers last years and still make your visitors feel like you truly understand them.  That’s the art of personalisation.


URL query variables

Beyond the targeting you can do in Convert Box there is a real super power in the Custom Fields. That is what we are going to show you how to do at an advanced level in this blog. It involves setting up a template of your fields so you can use them here and in Active Campaign or your email marketing tool.

custom fields in convert boxstep 1

Behind every button you place a custom field.

Think of your custom fields like a Tag in your Email software.  You can Cookie these users and add these events into you EDM software so that when you run a campaign you have a clean list of segmented users from your surveys and optins.  

Decorate the final URL on the last button.

This is done by clicking the box in the final question in the survey or optin.  Then you have your Custom Fields and their Values mapped into the URL and this sets the basis to set up your URL Query Variables to map to your Custom Dimensions.

Seeing the coolness yet?

Custom Dimension + URL Query Part.

Set Up your scope for your Custom Dimensions to be User in your Analytics account and map this in the GAS variable in Google Tag Manager.   This gives you the closed loop on which Survey or Optin they came from and gives you a clean list in your email marketing tool.  We show this in greater detail in the Loom below.

Before you build anything write out a plan, it saves you a lot of time in the long play.  Here is a link to a Miro Board template to help you get this set up right first time with less mistakes.


custom dimensions

Want help?

Want Help With Your Surveys?

We have been building branch logic surveys for close to 3 years and have found it gives your sales and marketing tasks more insight on what’s the next conversation to have with your leads.

We offer discovery surveys and full branch logic survey builds so that your offer lasts longer because it is only shown to the right people at the right time.


^^^ This Is One Of Our Convert Box Quizzes ^^^^


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