GA4 Set Up Checklist – The Secret Sauce

GA4 Checklist For Beginners or Small Business

Benefits; Any version of Google Analytics GA3 = UA or GA4, is never meant to be used as it comes out of the box.  Just by doing these 7 steps you are going to be in a stronger place with your data than most.  It’s a done once and then you are sorted checklist.


first things first


The Difference

GA4 Features

GA4 is a mixed bag.   It’s not finished yet, it’s that old sage advice in play, if its perfect when you launched it, you launched too late.   Well Google is flexing on that and has been for close to 18months now with its two big announcements to drive people to start using it.  But GA4 is coming as the main data kid on the block for Google and UA is leaving the building on 1st July, 2023. 

The reports in GA4 are more customisable and there are 5 built in Events that will help Small and Micro businesses with more data, more than they have with UA now, but for the people who use their data to make key decisions like whether to turn their Ads off or not when we had our first global change event in March 2020.   Your world will be more in Tag Manager from July 1st 2022 than Smaller business operators who are fine with Page Views as their KPI to make decisions with.


Retention Changes

Out of the box GA4 only gives you two months you want to up that to the 14month option, there’s a loom below that will help you do all 7 changes with ease. Historical data is key to know what happened this time last year and what can you do differently this year especially if you are making marketing or content changes in your marketing online.

We do believe that once you understand some of the cool insights that GA4 gives you out of the box that you would have had to pay someone like me to do pre-GA4, you when you ask the right Questions, make some smart solid marketing decisions. 

Now and over the coming years there will be even more disruption and there will be a lot as we enter into the 3rd Industrial Revolution.  Where innovation and community help solve local and global problems.


we are entering the data age. It will come down to businesses who use data and businesses who we used to use.

In This Loom We Discuss How To Use Some Of The Cool Features of GA4 as well as how to run through the GA4 Checklist. Below is the details of the possibility of GA4 with Tag Manager.

Too much? Want help?

Don't Have Google Tag Manager Set Up Yet?

Google Tag Manager is a powerful tool by Google and it is the preferred set up of G4 Measurement ID as it does events and parameters for your business events simply.  

Most of the time once things are set up right the first time all you are doing is improving, optimising your data as you start to ask better questions from your content and digital marketing strategies.
The key with getting the most of your data is better questions.


Mini Audit

1 Hour Audit
$ 175
per hour
  • Need To Verify New Software In Your Stack?
  • Have A Tracking Issue & Want To Verify Before You Take Up Our Maxi Audit?
  • Have A Quiz That You Want A 2nd Opinion On?

Maxi Audit

One Key Funnel Question
$ 1950
per Question
  • Have A Key Funnel You Want To Diagnose?
  • Want To Track Engagement And Conversion Behaviour On That Funnel?
  • Comes With One Page Report For Your Team To Use To Diagnose Channels, Copy and Offers.

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