Basic Tag Manger Set Up & The Results To Expect

I get so excited about the insights that a business can obtain from having quality click behaviour data from tracking their social and website cleanly.
The main thing that Google Tag Manager can do for your Analytics is that you can filter out the junk clicks and focus on the patterns and trends in the higher quality, engaged visitor clicks that are truly interested in the content you have published to get them to investigate your business.
As you build your inbound strategy, blogs/podcasts/video = SEO and social media posts, you want to make sure the content you are creating is getting read, being engaged with and nurturing your visitors further throughout your site till they either fall in love with your solution or self eliminate and leave.
A standard Google Analytics set up can only tell you so much, top level conversions, page views and general engagement behaviour. That is where even choosing the Basic Google Tag Manager set up will give you cleaner insights on which content and clicks are the quality ones.

Key Points From Video To Summarise

Identifying what content & channels (SEO/paid/social) are working for your business and bringing the right new clients that provide the right introduction to your business, and what content and offers engage your audience or make them sign up, make contact or buy.
When you get these two right, right content, right channels, then finding more of your people will be an easier road and then you can spend more time refining your craft either in the delivery of your business solutons or your after sales awesomeness. Both are equally important.
Tag and track the relevant clicks.
Clean Data can tell you which channel brings you your people who devour all that effort you’ve put into blogs and videos. And it also tells you where they drop off so you can change the way you produce or optimise content.
Clear patterns and trends in higher quality site visits.
Making decisions on your landing pages with just heatmaps gives one insight, but knowing where your clicks stop scrolling on pages can tell you where to move offers and Call To Actions so they show at the right time.
What should you be doing more of and less of and where is the opportunity?
A good piece of content takes people from interested to invested, but the better content marketers don’t keep looking to publish new content all the time. They look to tweak what they wrote/published so it becomes part of a tight conversational funnel.

Why It’s Good for Tracking Inbound Traffic

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