is your business ready to grow through data driven strategies?

need fresh eyes on your data? start with an audit.

Small Business

1 Hour Audit
$ 175
per hour
  • Recorded Zoom meeting, we identify what issues and opportunities is in your Analytics data and show you how to build goals and segments for better reporting.

Agency/Small Business Owner

Analytics, GTM, GDS
$ 950
per container
  • We set up a basic GTM on your site that helps us identify what value we can provide with better data for you or if you are an Agency, your clients. From that we build out 2 Key reports you can use that will help you optimise faster.

StartUp and Soloprenuer

Basic GTM Set Up

tracking DWY
$ 575 set up
  • 2 x Analytics Reports Basic Tag Manager Set Up.
    Engagement Tracking reports and basic Google Data Studio Report
  • 2 x 30min Coaching
  • Not Ecommerce

Basic GTM Set Up

$ 997 set up
  • 2 Analytics Reports
    Identify LP Errors Identify which platform brings in Quality Leads.
    Basic Tag Manager Set Up. Engagement Tracking

  • 2 x 30min Coaching
    Standard Ecommerce

basic gtm set up

tracking + ads
$ 1750 Set Up
  • Funnel Tracking
  • 1 Discovery and Win Ad
  • 2 Analytics Reports weekly
  • 2 Funnel Goals 3 basic Goals
  • No Ecommerce Tracking


tracking + ads
$ 2950 Set UP
  • Analytics Audit
    Funnel Tracking
  • Search Ads 2 Key Google Ads
  • 1 Basic Data Studio Report Weekly
  • Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking

SBE or Agency

Advanced GTM set Up or Debug

1 Account
$ 2000
1 time
  • GTM Audit + Set Up for 1 UX Funnel Campaign tracking
  • Software Stack Cross Domain Tracking
  • GA Report Set Up
  • 2 meetings 4 weeks after new data populates to review wins and frictions


1 Account
$ 7500
1 time
  • GTM - GA Audit and Rebuild
  • Track 2 Campaign Funnels For Your Online Business and an overall website funnel and then build it into a easy to use GDS report
  • This Is A 3 Month Project - where we Audit, Build, Report. Retainer option post build.
  • Overall Site Journey Measurement for Brand, Product|Services and Campaigns

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