Video 1 of 3 - Analytics Reports and Where To Look

How To Read The Reports In Google Analytics so you can find some insights about what is working for you and what isn't.

This is video 1 in a 3 part FREE training, no hooks, no offers, if you like me, you know how to find me and there are instructions in the video to tell you where we are going to have our discussions. As you are here, ask your questions at the bottom of this blog.

Also save the reports I show you so you don't have to keep reinventing the wheel when you go to your Analytics Account.

Video 2 of 3 - Learn UTM's and You Will Love It!!

Know Where Your Best Leads Come From!

We cover how to build UTM's, urchin tracking module, so you build a consistent framework in your inbound traffic reporting.

I review 3 ways on how to build UTM's 2 are contenders for you to adopt.

And then we, being me,/I talk about the long game with UTM's and how even at the beginning of your business or 5 years in, this is a bloody vital strategy to good clean data.

Video 3 of 3 - Segments and Goals = Juicy Stuff


Early May 2020

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