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In your SEO, Content and Campaigns.

5% of the visitors to your site on average will convert some on the first visit, some on the return. The other 95% of clicks are made up of tyre kickers and those who are interested but need a nudge to convert we help your business identify the difference between the two.

We also help you identify which social and organic channels are bringing you in the best quality leads and where on each key pages of your website your audience fizzles in interest.

Over time better tracking gives you the insights on where and how your traffic engages with the content you create which over months increases your conversion rate because you have a cleaner audience at the top of each campaign. This is the fastest & structured way to shorten the optimisation of your marketing & content funnels.

what could you be tracking
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Google Tag Manager & Analytics & Data Studio

Google Analytics out of the box is like using a Torch, Google Tag Manager + Data Studio is like using stadium lights. We use the power of these tools to help your business identify patterns in the 'almost converted' clicks so you can optimise your content marketing and campaigns. Imagine how personalised your marketing/retargeting could be if you knew where they stopped in the conversion story in your marketing strategy.

Conversational Retargeting for those who are into your business.

Forecasting and Optimisation Strategies that will put you at ease when making big decisions.

Audience Segmentation through identifying who engages with what across your online business.

Then We Build Around What You Need To Know

In the first month we build out your Tag Manager and Analytics so that we can start to see the what types of engagement levels patterns you are getting from each of your marketing efforts.

Smart Audiences

Each stage of the funnel has a next step piece of information, this is where conversational retargeting comes in. We segment the stages out so we can build those retargeting campaigns that feel personalised. We help you set those up for smarter Facebook, YouTube and Google Ads 2nd conversation campaigns.

Smart Google Ads

If your business needs this, adding Google Ads to cold and warm traffic strategy can help bring more of your top clients/leads/clicks to your site, over and over again. We take on 1 new client every 2 months as we like to make sure your set up is done right.

First We Audit Your Existing Content

We audit your website and campaigns that allows us to identify what behaviour is worth tracking. We also work with your key stakeholders to identify frictions and insights that can help your team get the data they need.

Optimise Your Content

By the 2nd month we will start seeing some useful data that we use to find the bottlenecks in your content and help you design and deliver better blogs and landing pages.

Smart Reports In Analytics or/& Google Data Studio

By the 3rd month, we know you are busy, so we simplify all the juicy stuff about your business into Reports that show existing and Key Performance Indicators which let you know at a glance; is this thing working, we can grow, we're in the sh*t.

kind words from our clients

Irene has helped me segment my business audience. Before working with her, I had an unclear value proposition aimed at a diffuse group of people. After we worked through analytics data, Irene helped me to identify customer segments and change the value proposition specifically for them. Her insights have proven to be invaluable for the growth of my business, and her no-BS approach has helped me see business development in a new, different light.


Founder, LearnAppMaking.com

Feedback from Agencies

Rumble takes the grind out of knowing setting up our Analytics and tracking formulas. We’ve NEVER BEEN BUSIER.  At our company we talk about the days Before Irene and After Irene. She gets results! We’ve never been so tired (and happy)

Matilda Ellis

Google Ads Agency



Analytics and Ads

Knowing which campaign does best for getting the word out about your business and which one of your conversational retargeting campaigns gets them to convert is the way to grow sustainably while keeping your eye out for new opportunities.


Better reports, Happy clients

The end goal is to set up smart reports in Google Data Studio that you can review with your clients at marketing meetings. This gives you quality data to help fine tune campaigns and validate your work to your clients & build a robust marketing calendar.

Rumble Media is a boutique agency that works in a deep way with our customers. That means we will focus on you exclusively while you’re with us. It also means we’ll let you know our timeline once we’ve had a chat to ensure you’re able to plan around us.

Ready to dig in and find out more?

Our discovery call gives us a peek under the hood of your business. On the call we'll talk about what goals, objectives, new data and google Ads you're interested or know you need asap. Remember: good data is what makes good businesses great.

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